Senior School Curriculum and Programs

Curriculum and programs for the senior years (10-12) at Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre are dynamic in approach to ensure that individual student needs are highlighted.



Some class programs in English and Mathematics are based on the Preliminary Courses from the Australian Curriculum, guiding students through units 1-4. These courses provide ‘opportunities for practical and well supported learning to help students develop a wide range of skills to assist them upon leaving school’ (Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority Website). Other classes will complete ASDAN programs in English and Mathematics which will give students the practical skills to develop their literacy and numeracy in various contexts.


The Health and Physical Education program is also based on the Preliminary Courses with an emphasis on Protective Behaviours, Decision Making, Social Skills, Healthy Living and participation in Physical Activity. Teaching staff engage in professional development and training and facilitate with external agencies such as Therapy Focus to deliver a health education program which supports student well-being and independence for the future. The Rock and Water program is also being incorporated into Health classes to help students to learn resilience, gain self- confidence and managing conflict and their emotions in a constructive manner.


DFES Cadets



Year 10-12 students at Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre have the opportunity to be part of the school’s DFES Cadet Unit (Department of Fire and Emergency Services). The Unit is run by Belridge staff members who are qualified DFES trainers and by the end of Year 12 students complete Module One. The Cadet Unit teaches students about fire safety as well as outdoor education aspects such as navigation, living in the field (camping) and first aid. Cadets are invited to participate in excursions to Ern Halliday, Kings Park Naturescape and Perth Hills Discovery Centre.



ASDAN is a UK curriculum recognised and valued by the Western Australian Department of Education and implemented across many Education Support Centres across the state. ASDAN courses aim to develop both personal and social attributes and provide the opportunities for success through the ASDAN levels of achievement. ASDAN courses are selected for some senior school classes at Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre based on class needs. Teachers within these classes are trained in, and continue to attend professional development, network meetings and moderation sessions to ensure best practice in this exciting program.



The Community Access program at Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre begins in Year 10. The objective of the program include travel training, social skills, community awareness and learning about our city. This program runs concurrently with ASDAN in Year 11 to incorporate Personal Safety. Students also contribute to Volunteer programs in the local community and have developed community connections with several Aged Care Facilities which are highly valued by the students and the organisations.

Community Access runs one day per week where students learn how to access public transport and use their Smart Riders. Places of interest include Perth City, Joondalup Police Academy, Domain Oval and Parliament House. Students also visit different industries such as warehouses, manufacturing, agriculture, recycling, hospitality and retail sites in preparation for future career opportunities.



As part of the Year 12 program, students run a Café Business in the Independent Living Centre one day a week. Students are involved in creating a term lunch menu which they then sell to Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre staff. Each week the class make a delicious lunch and dessert plus barista coffees. Students are rotated around different café roles including preparation, cooking, coffee making, delivery and point of sales. Some of the dishes have included chicken burgers, fried rice, soups and lemon meringue pie!